"This is our day, fasten your seatbelts, because we are entering into a season unlike anything in world history.
I am excited, these are the greatest days, these are the days that we were born for."

Tim Hall

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Pärnu Agape Centre May 1

Alexela April 29

Tartu St. Paul`s Church May 2

Alexela April 30

Viljandi Baptist Chuch May 3


“Awake Estonia” is a large Christian event that includes services in Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu and Viljandi from April 28th – May 3rd, 2024. The guest speaker is a healing evangelist Tim Hall from Australia.

The event itself is free, but we would kindly ask you to register so that we will know numbers attending. In addition to the evening services Tim Hall will also minister to pastors in an additional workshop on 27.04. Pre-events will be taking place in different cities. You will find these on the timeline below. All services will be translated into Russian.

There is hope for every situation. Therefore come and take part, inviting along others who need a miracle or a healing as well!

Tim Hall ministered in Estonia the first time in 1992 in the former Sakala Center, where the extraordinary miracles and healings took place. Quite a few pastors and Christian workers in Estonia today gave their lives to Jesus exactly in these services. But God’s miracles have not ended. He heals also today and there is hope for every situation.

who is tim hall

Tim Hall is internationally known evangelist, who’s ministry is characterized by miracles and healings due to what many people have found healing and help. Tim loves people and his heart’s desire is that all people would know the true source of hope – Jesus Christ.

Tim Hall grew up in Australia and saw a great growth in his pastoral ministry at the beginning of his service. He also became an internationally known speaker. Throughout the years he has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Both in churches and big crusades…

After several successful years he returned to his home town Bendigo, Victoria where he successfully pioneered a church that today is one of the key churches in regional Victoria.
From Bendigo he took on the leadership of a church in Dandenong, Victoria of about 100 people. Within two years congregation grew to 700 members. Tim Hall also founded other congregations and was heavily involved in University ministry (Students for Christ). At this time he was also travelling extensively conducting conferences and healing campaigns across Australia and New Zealand.

After two years pastoring, conducting evangelistic work, and functioning as assistant superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Western Australia he moved back to South Australia in full time. After preaching all across His own nation the doors opened wider and wider globally with mass crusades growing to as many as 100,000 people in attendance.
Tim and his wife Jacquelyn have ministered in Papua New Guinea (over 50 times), Solomon Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Bougainville, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, South-Africa, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, India, Pakistan, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Serbia, Russia, Sweden and all over USA. They have also ministered in Uruguay, Colombia and Venezuela.

Tim has been honored with two honorary doctorates for services to missions and global evangelism. He also has an earned doctorate.
Tim and his wife Jacquelyn are based in Melbourne at Planetshakers church (one of Australia’s most significant churches). Tim is on the Eldership and ministers across the campuses when home. They both lecture in the Bible college.
More info about Tim Hall and his present ministry can be found at https://www.timhall.com.au/



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Prayer makes impossible things possible! We invite you to join in prayer for Estonian nation and Awake Estonia events


Invite people along, who need hope or healing. Pray for those people already ahead time.

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10 DAYS OF PRAYER AND FASTING February 19-28, 2024 - 28.02 2024

Pray for the event

Pre-event “AWAKE, VILJANDI COUNTY!” March 15-16.03, 2024


Pre-event “AWAKE, TALLINN!” March 22-23, 2024


Pre-event “AWAKE, PÄRNU COUNTY!” April 5-6, 2024


Pre-event “AWAKE, TARTU COUNTY!” April 12-13, 2024


"FLOOD TALLINN" outreach 25.-27.04.2024

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  • at 10.30 am - 4 pm Toompea 3 Tallinn

TIM HALL SERVICES April 28 – May 3, 2024

  • Tallinn, April 28-30 at 6.00 pm Alexela Concert Hall (Estonia pst. 9)
  • Pärnu, May 1 at 6 pm Agape Church (Männi 2)
  • Tartu, May 2 at 6 pm St. Paul’s Church (Riia 27)
  • Viljandi, May 3 at 6 pm Baptist Church (A. Maramaa pst. 1A)
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On November 3, 1992, at the invitation of a military comrade, I came to the Sakala Center to listen to an unknown Australian preacher named Tim Hall. When he preached the uncompromising Word of God and prayed for the sick, I saw how the power of God flowed: the sick were healed and many people were saved. I also made the most important decision of my life that night: I gave my life to Jesus. Tim Hall was the man who led me to Jesus and I will be forever grateful to him for that.

Allan Kroll


I saw Tim Hall for the first time at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam speaking to thousands of people. A powerful orator and a powerful man of prayer - many people were healed of their physical illnesses right there."'

Ivo Unt


My eyesight got healed during Tim Hall’s service in Tallinn at the beginning of 90’s and I didn’t need glasses anymore. Everything that used to seem foggy became clear as ever.

Anne-Ly Raukas


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